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Scikit-learn, a central tool in AI and data-science

Scikit-learn is a machine-learning library in Python. It is the engine that powers many applications of artifical intelligence and data science.

Scikit-learn is used on a regular basis by more than half a million of people in the world, with applications ranging from medical imaging to product recommendation.

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An open-source project

Scikit-learn is an open-source software, under a license that facilitates commercial usage. It is developed by a world-wide community, gathering many different expertise on statistics, algorithms and software production.

The quality of scikit-learn, its algorithms, its interfaces, its documentation, are universally acclaimed. Its development follows a strict process to ensure this quality.


The foundation’s missions

The goal of the foundation is to enable maintaining scikit-learn’s high standards addressing new challenges.

The foundation employs central contributors to the project, to support scikit-learn’s community and to develop new ambitious features. The priorities of the foundation are set jointly by the community and its sponsors.



Scikit-learn sprint in Paris

Three weeks ago, we organized a scikit-learn sprint in the AXA’s offices in Paris. No less than 37 persons attended the sprint during the week. Such effort is equivalent to a 6 man-month! While the sprint was organized by the scikit-learn fondation @ inria, it united a much wider group of contributors and it was funded by other organizations (see below). Improvements to scikit-learn This sprint saw the…


Minutes of the scikit-learn Advisory Committee meeting (November 8th 2018)   Where present: Chaouki Boutharouite - AXA Sébastien Conort - BNP Paribas Cardif Sylvain Duranton - BCG David Margery - Inria Foundation Olivier Trébucq - Inria Gaël Varoquaux - Inria Excused: Josh Patterson and Guillaume Barat - Nvidia Laurent Duhem - Intel 1- The current administrative and financial situation of the consortium Two engineers have already been recruited…