The scikit-learn team at Inria foundation is looking for a community and operation officer. The position is a mixture of technical, communication, and organisational skills. His or her duties will be to make sure that the scikit-learn engineering team works productively and answers the needs of the community of developers, of our partners, and of the scikit-learn users. Typical tasks are:

  • Communicating about the progresses on scikit-learn to varied audiences
  • Organizing development sprints
  • Summarizing development priorities across developers and partners
  • Organizing meetings across the team and with partners
  • Establishing new industrial partnerships
  • Contributing to scikit-learn’s codebase or documentation


The ideal candidate will:

  • Have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Understand community dynamics, in particular in context of open source
  • Be well organized, and good at managing collaborative projects
  • Speak and write French, or be willing to learn
  • Be passionate about open source
  • Have some software development experience
  • Understand the business world, to coordinate with our sponsors
  • Have some data-science experience


We do realize that this skill set is a very diverse one, and not every item on the list is a must. A will to acquire these skills is however a must.

Context: scikit-learn @ Inria foundation


Scikit-learn is a reference open-source software project, used by hundred of thousands of people worldwide for data science. It is developed by a very large international community of open-source contributors.

The Inria foundation has partnered with private actors to fund a team that works on scikit-learn. The team is made of developers, experts on machine-learning methods, but seeks a different profile for project and community management.


Job details

The position is physically located in the scikit-learn team at Inria Saclay, in Palaiseau France, close to Paris. Salary will be depending on experience. The position comes with standard benefits in France, in particular social security and retirement plan (the position is a “CDI”, “Contrat à Durée Indeterminée”).

To apply, contact gael.varoquaux at