Presentation of the activities of the Consortium during the last year (C. Marmo, G. Varoquaux):

Questions and comments:


Fujitsu actively participates in the Consortium remote events. Fujitsu would be glad to increase Japan contributions to scikit-learn. Fujitsu suggests organizing a sprint for Japan time zone, and starting a discussion about good practices to organize online sprints with the team there.


More information about the MOOC are asked.

The training activity is an Inria initiative: the MOOC consists of a 20 hours training, focusing on general issues in data analysis and Machine Learning, formalism is not developed. The used language is English. All the material will be available also outside the MOOC (github, youtube..).

People working on the MOOC give part of their time to work on the code base of scikit-learn too.


AXA is glad to participate in the interpretability workshop that will take place in the afternoon.

AXA is designing an online training series that will be launched in the fall: in principle this is dedicated to the AXA employees. It could be interesting to share content with the Inria platform and offer.

BNP ParisBas

BNP starts a similar initiative about machine learning training: the same comment stands, it could be really interesting to share content with the Consortium.