Minutes of the scikit-learn Advisory Committee meeting (November 8th 2018)


Where present:

  • Chaouki Boutharouite – AXA
  • Sébastien Conort – BNP Paribas Cardif
  • Sylvain Duranton – BCG
  • David Margery – Inria Foundation
  • Olivier Trébucq – Inria
  • Gaël Varoquaux – Inria


  • Josh Patterson and Guillaume Barat –  Nvidia
  • Laurent Duhem – Intel

1- The current administrative and financial situation of the consortium

Two engineers have already been recruited and the COO should be selected in the coming days.

2- Feedback on the Technical Committee meeting

Gaël introduced the reactions from the community to our roadmap:

3- Communication and promotion activities

The event of September 17th was quite successful, in terms of both attendance and media impact

This event and other information relating to the scikit-learn consortium are displayed on the Web site https://scikit-learn.fondation-inria.fr/

In 2019, two main types of meetings will be organized:

  • Monthly sprints with partners, for addressing technical and implementation issues
  • A yearly event for training and networking with the whole scikit-learn community

Both types of event could be alternately hosted by partners (AXA and BNP Paribas Cardif already offered making their auditorium available)

The yearly event should take place before summer

4- Opportunity to accept new members in the consortium

Two applications have been received after the 17 September event

  • One from Criteo (Elvis Dohmatob)
  • One from H&M (Arti Zeighami)

Both companies have been informed of the conditions for joining the consortium
All the participants have declared that they support these applications.